print fold turn stage insert

Print/Fold/Barcode Verification/Document Insertion/Parallel to Conveyor

Streamline getting your personalized documents inserted into your cartons fast and accurately.

The documents are folded (1/2 or signature) and staged for timing purposes.

At the point of insertion, this system will read the barcode on the carton and match the barcode to the document for verification and then be inserted into the carton.

This system includes the following modules:

  • (1) Printer- Commercial printer based on your needs.
  • (1) Folding System- With capability to fold printed 8 ½ x 11 sheet(s) to desired size.
  • (1) Transfer module – Capability to turn document for insertion station.  Used for limited floor space and have system parallel to conveyor.
  • (1) Inserting station- Insert into the top of the carton based on the required carton size. Multiple level solutions available for variable size cartons.
  • (1) Barcode verification system – Verify document is inserted into the correct carton.

The Benefits of Our Automated Document Insertion Solution

  • Increase capabilities by offering more than invoice inserts.
  • Personalized marketing and promotion materials are added with ease.
  • Print on preprinted return sheets.
  • Eliminate manual packing labor and manually folded pack sheets.
  • Decrease labor costs and system downtime.
  • Increase document accuracy and customer satisfaction.

* Insertion rates vary based upon print engine, and number of sheets required per box.

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