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Demand is rising. More orders, faster delivery, higher expectations. Streamline your document insertion and order fulfillment processes with a custom focused solution that improves efficiencies and captures value.

Our team can engineer, build and integrate a new solution or re-work an older solution to work seamlessly with your existing packaging line. Whether print, gather, fold, wrap, insert and/or apply, we can provide a complete turnkey solution from design to delivery.

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Are There Gaps in Your Order Fulfillment System?

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Get your free Order Fulfillment Process Checklist plus a printable pdf of our guide, Closing Efficiency Gaps in an Order Fulfillment System to ensure your order fulfillment system is optimized maximum efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Baumfolder Document Insertion Solution

Key Benefits:

  • Low maintenance and reliable, decreasing downtime
  • Capable of handling multiple sheets and multiple carton sizes
  • Durable, heavy-duty commercial construction
  • Maximize production efficiency and CPM (cartons per minute)


  • Personalized Documents
  • Invoices
  • Packing List
  • Work Instructions
  • Return Forms
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Coupons
  • Promotional Materials
  • Production Information
  • And more
Print, Fold & Insert Solution


Get orders out the door with speed and accuracy. Our latest solution gives you on-demand printing with gathering, folding, time-insertion and barcode verification! Learn More.

print gather fold document insertion

A Solution for multiple pages per carton

For example:  SDS sheets, multiple packing list, invoices, targeted marketing, & instructiond sheets

Print/Gather/Fold/Barcode Verification/Document Insertion.  Learn more.

print fold turn stage insert

A Solution for printed personalized document

Which includes labeled return forms for multiple size cartons

Print/Fold/Barcode Verification/Document Insertion, parallel to conveyor. Learn more.

print fold stage document insertion

A Solution for precise over the conveyor Document Insertion

Streamline getting your personalized documents inserted into your smaller size cartons fast and accurately

Print/Fold/Stage/Document Insertion Learn more.




Document automation solutions are a great way to streamline & maximize your productivity.  Learn more.


Print/Single level Insert

Fast Delivery is a customer expectation today.  Improve your time getting printed material into boxes and shipped to customers.  Learn More.



More orders out the door means more business. Increase your capacity with a solution that Prints, folds, and inserts. Learn More.


Single Page Feeder

Decrease man hours. Increase efficiency and productivity.  Preprinted material is not a problem with our  with our Single page feeder. Learn More.