Order Fulfillment & Packaging

order fulfillment and packaging

Demand is rising. More orders, faster delivery, higher expectations.

Streamline your order fulfillment and packaging processes with a custom-designed solution that improves efficiencies and captures value. Our team can integrate a new process or re-work an old that works seamlessly with your existing order-fulfillment and packaging line.

Whether print, gather, fold, wrap, insert and/or apply, we can provide a complete turnkey solution from design to delivery.

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Print, Fold & Insert Solution


Get orders out the door with speed and accuracy. Our latest solution gives you on-demand printing with gathering, folding, time-insertion and barcode verification! Learn More.

feed fold wrap stack


More orders out the door means more business. Increase your capacity with a solution that folds, then plow folds, flow wraps and stacks your documents efficiently. Learn More.

Print, Fold, Turn, Stage, Document Insertion


This unique system takes your personalized printed documents, folds them, does a turn to save floor space, stages and Inserts your document into your boxes.

print fold apply solution


Decrease man hours. Increase efficiency and productivity with our solution that prints, folds and then places your document on the outside of a box, ready to ship. Learn More

material handling/feeders

Material Handling/Feeders

Not sure how to move a material? Our diverse engineering capabilities mean we can produce or find a material handling solution to move nearly anything.



Fast Delivery is a customer expectation today.  Improve your time getting printed material into boxes and shipped to customers with our timed box insertion solution.  Learn More.

custom solutions baumfolder

Custom Solutions

An in-house custom shop. Feed, stack, load or sort – we can design, engineer and build it. Whether you need a custom solution or customization of our standard products, our expert team can do it.