Contract Assembly Work

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Outsource with confidence.

Our high-end assembly team is skilled and trained for each job, so you gain a reliable workforce that gets the job done.

We assemble simple to complex assemblies, with low or high volume requirements. From parts that you can hold in your hand to assembly work that requires a crane, our team and manufacturing facility are designed just for that. Organized in flexible cells, our assembly floor is configured to meet your production needs.

Our manufacturing and assembly services can set up production for short- or long-run projects requiring multiple processes and sub-assemblies, such as gears, sprockets and conveyors or complicated electrical automation assemblies.

Advantages of outsourcing

Eliminate the hassle of an unreliable workforce and production quality problems. By outsourcing with Baumfolder Contract Manufacturing, you gain time and money savings, reliability and accuracy.

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complex high end assembly

Simple to Complex Assembly

Our contract manufacturing facility is organized in flexible cells so we can set up for simple to complex assemblies, with low or high volume.

custom assembly work

Custom Assembly Work

We developed and built to customer specifications this mold server for a large press, along with a test fixture to ensure optimal operation.

automation & inspection assembly

Automation & Inspection

We design and assemble inspection stations and complete systems with camera inspection and bar code reading.

electric panel assembly

Electrical Assembly

From complicated electrical automation assembly to large parts requiring a crane, our team and manufacturing facility are designed just for that.

Additional High-End Assembly Capabilities

conveyor high end assembly
electric panel high end assembly
high end assembly
automation inspection
lamanator high end assembly
insp box assembly
marketing production assembly
production units assembly