BAUM 714 SoundCover

BAUM 714 Sound Cover

For significant reduction of noise levels, use the BAUM 714 Sound Cover.  All sound covers are designed for easy access to folder attachments.


BAUM 714 Adjustable Slitter Shafts

BAUM 714 Adjustable Slitter Shafts

These adjustable slitter shafts enable micro-perforating of sheets by adjusting the fine tooth blade depth into the paper stocks.  The new, optional cartridge slitter shaft design can be installed in place of the existing fixed center distance slitter shafts.  714 adjustable slitter shaft assemblies can be added to select BAUM 714XLT and 714XA folders; they cannot be added to 714 right angle folders.


BAUM 714XLT Ultrascore

For heavier weight stocks that can curl due to the back-bending in the folding rollers, the Ultrascore attachment for the 714XLT folder is available.  This enables the sheet to be run straight through using just the main drive roller and the roller directly above;  to drive the sheet in the Ultrascore assembly.  the same tooling used on the new 714 adjustable slitter shafts is also used on the Ultrascore attachment.


BAUM 714 Dust Cover

Put the 714 Dust Cover over the entire folder to protect unit from paper dust and other airborne matter when not in use.


BAUM 714 Microperf

BAUM Mirco Perf Kit

A micro-perf is a special, very fine perforation that tears clean when pulled apart.  This kit can only be used on the BAUM 714XLT Perf/Score attachment and the 714 Adjustable Slitter shaft options where the slitter shafts have adjustable center distances.  This option can not be used on the standard fixed center slitter shafts.


BAUM Adjustable Cart

This adjustable cart is used in place of the standard fixed height mobile cart for the 714XLT Ultrafold 2nd Station right angle folders.  The adjustable height cart enables multiple heights to be achieved to operate the 714XLT Ultrafold 2nd station folder in line or at a right angle with various other products including scoring, creasing, folding machines and in line with printing machines.

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