fold/insertFold/Insert Solution

Be Known for Accuracy and Reliability

With our new Century Series Modular Solution, gain the accuracy and speed your customers expect – with every order.

Our Century Series Modular Solution can be tailored to your specific needs. Take preprinted material, fold and insert into boxes. Add customer specific information, a personalized invoice or packing list. Incorporate bar code verification to eliminate customer service problems.

With accuracy, our Century Series solution has run rates of 20-30 boxes per minute*.

The Benefits of Our Fold/Insert Solution

  • Increase packaging document accuracy.
  • Reduce the amount of pack stations needed.
  • Eliminate manual packing labor and manually folded pack sheets.
  • Reduce system downtime and chance of errors.
  • Improve efficiency with insertion rates of 20-30 boxes per minute*.

*Insertion rates vary based upon print engine.

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