order fulfillment and packaging

Print/Fold/Apply Solution 

Boxes of all sizes.  One Conveyor.  No Problem.

The Print/Fold/Apply Solution solves the problem of variable size boxes on the same conveyor line.

With robotic systems, boxes of various sizes can move down the conveyor line with fast and accurate document placement in each box. Documents can be placed inside, and/or glued to the outside with use of a pouch.

Place documents fast and accurately on or in any package – on time, every time.

The Benefits of Our Print/Fold/Apply Solution

  • Gain efficiency with variable size boxes on the same conveyor line.
  • Improve accuracy with a robotic placement system.
  • Reduce the amount of pack stations needed.
  • Eliminate manual packing labor and manually folded pack sheets.
  • Gain insertion rates of 20-40 boxes a minute*.

*Insertion rates vary based upon print engine.

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