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Offline Feed/Fold/Wrap/Stack Solution

More Orders Out the Door. More Business.

Increase your capacity and speed with our solution that folds, then plow folds, flow wraps and stacks your documents efficiently.

These affordable and robust feeders are used in a variety of environments for many applications. Our independent pile feeders and continuous feeders can be used for feeding timed packaging lines, UV coaters, die cutters, laminators, digital print engines, ink jet bases, mailing tables and more.

Our high volume feeders can feed a variety of materials from single sheets to catalogues. An optional stream feeder can feed on demand into any application.

The Benefits of Our Offline Feeder Solution

  • Upsell to your customers by providing more than invoice insertion.
  • Insert sales flyers on demand.
  • Provide customization with multiple feeders.
  • Feed already-printed documents for package insertion.
  • Eliminate manual insertion of sales promotional items.
  • Decrease labor rates and system downtime.
  • Increase speed and accuracy.

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