baum cut e series paper cutterBAUM Cut “E” Series Programmable Cutters

The BAUM Cut “E” Series programmable cutters are efficient, compact, and easy to operate, with minimal maintenance.

The BAUM Cut offers high-productivity precision cutting with maximum safety in mind. Infrared safety beams, two-hand timed cut release and covered rear table help ensure operator safety.

These heavy-duty, full-hydraulic paper cutters feature easy push-button programming and stores up to 198 programs with 6464 cut steps. Noise levels are kept to a minimum since the motor runs only during cutting operations.

The BAUM Cut “E” Series Cutter is available in 3 sizes: BAUM Cut 22E, BAUM Cut 26.4E, and BAUM Cut 31.5E.

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BAUM Cut “E” Series Paper Cutters Features

BAUM Cut Features:

  • Push-button programming – stores up to 198 programs, 6464 cut steps
  • Large, central LC display – indicates data in the selected language
  • Optical cutting line indicator & table light – for precision cutting
  • Automatic programming – first manual cuts stored as program
  • Repeat function – cut sizes can be repeated as needed
  • Low noise levels – motor runs only during cutting operations
  • Manual backgauge positioning with electronic handwheel
  • Hydraulic knife drive and clamping
  • Overload protection – for main motor and backgauge drive
  • Motor-powered backgauge drive
  • No Slot in table
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel table

Programming Features:

  • 198 programs for storing separate jobs
  • 6464 total cut step memory
  • Automatic and manual cutting modes
  • 999 maximum cut steps per program
  • Records total number of lifetime cuts
  • Records total number of knife changes
  • Adjustable clamping time for extra air escape
  • Adjustable knife resting time
  • Block programming
  • Jogging mark notation in cutting programs
  • LCD readout display
  • Membrane touch panel keypad
  • Can enter and divide fractions into decimals
  • Push-out programming steps
  • Program protection
  • Pop-up window for maintenance reminder

Safety Features:

  • Infrared safety beams are standard
  • Two-hand, timed cut release with non-repeat device
  • Rear table fully covered
  • Permanent check of knife position
  • Machine self-diagnosis with error indication
  • Cover over foot pedal

*Note: The BAUM Cut 31.5 comes standard with air on main table.