Author: Baumfolder Corporation

Advantages of adjustable scoring on your folder

Scoring is a process in which you compress and/or displace material at the fold line that prevents your product from cracking and splitting when folded. This useful option is ideal for a product that is ran on a digital printer.  Scoring allows your product to maintain a crisp clear fold line. Scoring is perfect for… Read more »

Can your print engines run an entire shift without reloading?

When your facility operates 24/7 speed and accuracy is everything. Orders are received, product picked, order(s) are being processed, shipping schedules and customer expectations become your driving force and deadline. All your automation systems are helping your production run like clockwork. When… boxes halt, conveyor lines come to a standstill, alarms and light towers ring… Read more »

Do you need additional manufacturing resources?

Growing businesses today face many different challenges, using a contract manufacturer can be a great way to add additional manufacturing resources, without having to go out and hire for a specific job skill. Contact manufacturers can help you bring an entire line of manufacturing support from assembly, machining, fabrication, painting, engineering, and prototyping. Most contract… Read more »

Why outsource your assemblies to a contract manufacturer?

In today’s manufacturing climate there are many reasons to outsource different cells or products for assembling. Companies are looking toward “contract manufacturing” because it is becoming more and more difficult to find the skilled employees you need to continue building at the quality your customers have come to expect. Outsourcing to a contract manufacturer helps… Read more »

What are print/fold/insert solutions?

What are print/fold/insert solutions and how do you choose the right setup for your operation? Print/fold/insert and/or apply operations are a great way to streamline and maximize document efficiencies. These print/fold/insert systems are made up of multiple units each performing their specific task but seamlessly working together to take your customer document information and allow… Read more »

Update your document automation solution

Do you have a document automation solution that is slow or requires constant maintenance creating too much down time? There is a better, faster, and more reliable solution! Baumfolder’s line of modular built document solutions are the best most reliable systems available. Our systems are designed and built for everything you need to automate the… Read more »

Do you need skilled and reliable production support?

Baumfolder can help. With over 100 years of manufacturing equipment, and systems, Baumfolder has what it takes to support all your manufacturing needs. Whether it’s mechanical, electrical or both we want to help. Baumfolder is ISO 9001 quality certified, we work with our customers to develop and execute work instructions and inspection plans to make… Read more »