Author: Baumfolder Corporation

Member of Workforce Partnership of Shelby County

Baumfolder is proud to be a key member of the Workforce Partnership of Shelby County.  This non-profit organization is founded by private business leaders in the county.  The Goal is to prepare the emerging workforce through educational curriculum that teaches the skills needed to be an excellent employee, and offers experiences exposing them to careers… Read more »

Come see us at Pack Expo in Chicago

Come see us at Pack Expo to see our latest innovation for your order fulfillment needs.  You can customize this solution to print, fold, and robotically place your media on variable sized boxes.  This solution stream lines your e-commerce and order processing applications.  It can be adapted to multiple varying box sizes ranging from 2″… Read more »

Annual Health Fair October 2016

October is our Annual Health Fair, once again it was a great success thanks to Wilson Health Care and our internal team.  Employees are given the opportunity to have participate in any or all of the offered items.

Baum Century Series Print-Fold-Place Solution

The BAUM Century series Print-Fold-Place solution is a game changing application that increases speed on varying box sizes. Product BENEFITS include increased order fulfillment, which allows you to ship more product faster with less labor expense. Your application drives our solution… Put your documents where you want! On any size box you want Multiple page… Read more »

Baumfolder now offers unique 110 v stacker line

Baumfolder now offers our unique stacker line.  This 110 volt solution can be plugged directly into a 110 volt receptacle.  Because of its independent operation, it can be used behind various products including older model Baumfolder’s.  This stacker has a sensor that eliminates stacking problems and delivery jams as the result of an interruption of… Read more »

Baumfolder provides feeding solutions for order fulfillment

Baumfolder provides feeding solutions for order fulfillment and packaging. We work with our customer’s media and products to engineer the right feeding solution. We have experience in bar code verification and partner with some of the best vision system companies. Baumfolder provides feeding systems for multiple industries from live plants to pizza discs. We provide… Read more »

Baumfolder inspection systems feed multiple product sizes

Baumfolder inspection systems feed multiple product sizes.  This is done by using a variety of modular equipment that include a wide variety of feeders, transports and stackers.  Inspection solutions can be built to adapt to various manufacturer’s camera, scanning, and vision systems to inspect a portion or the entire process on both the top and… Read more »