Advantages of adjustable scoring on your folder

Scoring is a process in which you compress and/or displace material at the fold line that prevents your product from cracking and splitting when folded. This useful option is ideal for a product that is ran on a digital printer.  Scoring allows your product to maintain a crisp clear fold line. Scoring is perfect for allowing heavier stock material to fold without causing cracking. Items like Brochures, maps, greeting cards, or any other end product that needs to be opened at its fold over and over again can benefit from a scoring application.

So what is adjustable scoring? And why would you need it?

Adjustable scoring is needed so you can have control over the depth in which you need to score your product. In the industry there are many diverse grades and thicknesses of material and each can require a different amount of pressure to achieve the perfect score. If your scoring blade is set to low then it will act as a knife and cut the material, if your scoring blade is set to high then it won’t crease the material enough and it will crack when folded.

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