BAUMFOLDER Setup for Perforating and Scoring


The Ultrafold can be used to perforate either the folded sheet (to assist in making a right-angle fold) or to perforate sheets delivered flat. Baumfolder supplies one standard 41-tooth perforator blade. Additional perforator blades are available throught the Baumfolder Parts Department at 1-800-543-6107.

The perforator blade should be mounted loosely to the blade holder with the retainer collar to give better support to the perforator blade. Always be sure that the flat side of the blade is against the blade holder. Loosen the brass-topped set screws in the perforator collar and blade holder before attempting to place them on the slitter shafts.

The perforating blade holder assembly is then slid onto the upper slitter shaft along with the necessary pull-out tire assemblies. Then tighten the screws holding the perforator blade to the blade holder, aligning the blade to the holder. This allows for free horizontal movement on the shaft.

Side the grooved perforator collar onto the lower slitter shaft along with the other pull-out tire assemblies. The flat side of the perforator blade should just touch the side of the groove in the perforator collar. See Figure 17.


The perforator collar and blade holder can be lid to the desired position on the slitter shaft, then lock the blade holder and perforator collar into position with the brass-tipped set screw.

The perforator stripper fits onto the slitter shaft bar in between or next to the perforating blade. (see Figure 18) This strips the paper off for delivery and prevents it from wrapping around the perforator blade.



The Ultrafold can be used to score a sheet and deliver it flat, or to score a sheet after a fold or folds have been made.

To ensure accuracy in making right-angle folds, always score the sheet where the fold is to be made. This applies in all instances when a perforator cannot be used.

Attach the scoring blade loosely to the blade holder for mounting on the slitter shaft. Scoring blades can be mounted on either the upper or lower slitter shaft. Once on the shaft, tighten the screws, aligning both the blade and the collar. This allows free horizontal movement on the shaft. Scoring blades should be placed so that the fold will be made with rather than against the scoring, or, in a continuing direction to the pressure of the crease that has been applied by the scoring blade.

For a wide, well-rounded score, use the two steel scoring collars. (See Figure 19) Sharpness and the depth of the score can be controlled by regulating the distance the collars are placed away from the scoring blade.


The scoring collars can also be placed on either side of the rubber scoring collar. The two collars can be compressed against the rubber collar, causing the rubber to bulge up for a deeper score. (See Figure 20).


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