BAUMFOLDER What is the Proper Glue System for You?

Only you can answer that question but before adding a gluing system to a new or existing floor-model folder you should consider the following questions:

1. What are your gluing applications?

This will define whether you need an in-plate or in-line gluing system. Will you need spot-gluing only or will you need line-gluing for side seams and/or booklet production? Your first venture into gluing might be to produce self-mailers only. You should plan ahead for future jobs, or even look at existing jobs that could be done at a reduced cost using a glue system (booklets, lottery tickets, etc.) If you are unsure of your future needs, consider a system that provides for additional glue heads and program changes. Refer to the common gluing application inpositions and configurations in section 8 for additional information on types of systems and modifications required for the folder.

2. What types of glue will be required?

Will there be applications for fugitive and/or permanent glue? Will cold glue or hot-melt glue be used? The choice of glue can be based on production volume and the type of printed material to be bonded. The amount of fiber tear when reopening the piece should be evaluated. Hot-melt fugitive glue will provided a very clean and even removable glue when reopening the piece. Cold glue systems will work well for most production runs. A long-term commitment for millions of self-mailers would indicate a hot-melt system is needed.

3. Do you have compressed air?

If you have in-house compressed air, you can easily adapt a pressurized glue system with non-contact glue heads. If you do not have compressed air, you are limited to a gravity-fed system or you can add a small commercial air compressor from your local hardware store. The air compressor from your folding machine will not provide enough pressure and was designed to work with the folder only.

4. What maintenance is required for the glue system?

A gravity-fed glue system will require more cleaning maintenance than a pressurized system. Purging of glue lines is also easier on a pressurized system. Most glue systems will require dabbing grease on the glue head tip between usage. A glue head with a self-closing device over the tip to remove excess glue is good, but is also expensive. Cold fugitive glues are the easiest to clean up with a rag moistened with warm water..

5. What modifications are needed to my folder?

Once you have determined the gluing applications wou will perform on your folder, you need to consider what grooves are required for the fold plates and fold rollers, if necessary. You must also consider the mounting of the glue system components. It is imperative that you have a source determined for grooving your fold plate nose and fold rollers. See the next section for folder modifications needed for your gluing applications. Contact your authorized Baumfolder dealer for more assistance.

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